The LampShade Collective



Our info@lampshade.... email is still active, so if you'd like to get hold of any of us, we'll forward your correspondence. 

Updated: 2018



The Lampshade Collective was formed in 2007 by Patrick Sarell, Daryl Munton, Katrina Mathers and Merrin Jensen - with directors Alister Lockhart and Graeme Base - and whole bunch of incredibly talented animators and crew. Currently we're all working on other projects, so Lampshade isn't active, but we're still in touch and would love to hear from you. We still share animation and VFX news on our Facebook and Twitter feeds and our films NULLARBOR & THE GALLANT CAPTAIN still screen regularly around the world. You can buy the films on iTunes and Amazon etc. Drop by their websites or Facebook pages too for more information. Note this page is under construction so bear with us while we update it and thanks for dropping by. 

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